New year New me?

I’m a firm believer in setting out goals and resolutions throughout the year as needed, but I also love making new year’s resolutions and evaluating the past year which is why I thought I’d share my new year’s resolutions and a few goals with you.

Stop saying “I don’t know, that doesn’t make sense” etc. at the end of sentences. I generally only speak or put my hand up when I know what I’m talking about, but if you were to spend a day with me you would probably think that I was constantly unsure of myself from the way that I end all of my sentences with “I don’t know”. I want to stop second guessing myself and giving other people reasons not to take what I’m saying seriously by expressing myself with a bit more conviction this year.

Put a little bit more effort into all aspects of life. I do work hard and genuinely try to do my best in most things, but there are certain aspects of my life for example friendships where I don’t put in as much time or effort as I would like to. It’s mostly down to the way I allocate my procrastination time which I’m working on, but I know that I can reach a balance and start investing time in the things and people that  I hold closest to my heart.

Stop worrying about the opinions of people who you don’t really care about I’ve gotten better at it over the past couple of months but I still care way too much about the opinions of people who I hardly know, for example this blog and my YouTube account, I censor everything I tweet and Instagram just so that people I know irl don’t find out. It’s partly because I try to protect the things that are important to me and the areas in which I’m vulnerable, but I’m coming to the realisation that the people who really matter to me/ who should be in my life won’t really care and the people who do just aren’t worth it.

Say yes more if I’m being honest with myself I don’t have much of a social life. I’m really “selective” about the way I spend my time outside of the house which to a certain extent is a good thing, but it’s also meant that I rarely go out which I want to start doing more this year.

Start calling people out more as opposed to being silently angry in the moment and then going on to spend hours thinking about what I should’ve said. Its my worst habit and I think being more honest will do both me and the people I care about some good.

Be more active note the use of the word active as opposed to exercise. I want to go on more walks and adventures to a) have more fun and b) exercise without it seeming like a chore.

Drink more water my skin needs all the help it can get.

And that is the end of today’s post, Happy New Year wherever you are I hope it’s filled with joy, hope and love. If you have any resolutions you want to share, be sure to tell me by leaving a comment, using my ask or going to the contribute page to tell us more

peace and joy 😉


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