Purge The Feed

Ive been doing an online purge recently…Not a violent Stalin like one, but I’ve recently unsubscribed/unfollowed a lot of different blogs and channels and it has made a big difference in my everyday life. So I’ve made a list of the types of things/people I feel like we all need to remove from our online lives.

1-People we don’t actually like
It sounds obvious but up until a few months ago I followed a lot of people who I didn’t like from people who go to my schools to celebrities and other fan accounts. I would literally look at their tweets etc. and criticise everything they said and every photo/video that they would put up and now I realise just how negative and unhelpful that was.
2-Blogs/channels that leave you hating your own lives 
We all have them and you know your own, there’s a difference between following people who inspire you to do what you love and work hard (Taylor Swift ily) and those people whose lives you are jealous of (Kendall Jenner let me have your life for a week). Jealousy is a horrible feeling and isn’t helpful, if anything it just makes you feel unnecessary resentment and lowers your own self esteem.
3-Stuff you just don’t care about
I tried to care about hair and beauty but I just don’t, the same goes for countless blogs and musicians that just take up unnecessary space in my social medias. Question time 1) when was the last time you actually went onto the account? 2) Is this really relevant or necessary in your life? If your answers were not recently or no its time to let go and find better ways to spend your online time.
I don’t really like or know how to tie up the end of blogposts so au revoir have a lovely week, and life… I’m making it seem like I’m never coming back, this is going to turn into rambling very soon.
Until the next time

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