Lessons from the City

A couple of months ago I went on a trip to New York City and though it  was an amazing experience and a beautiful city, I did end up learning a few lessons there, some more painful than others  so I thought I’d  share them with you.

  1. New yorkers aren’t always super polite
  2. Nobody in Times Square knows were anything is.
  3. Look after that sore throat or you will have no voice for 75% of your  trip.
  4. Check that all of your shopping is in your hands before you go to the other side of the city, that means your whole bag not just a handle…
  5. Subways are very dirty, hand sanitizer will be your best friend.
  6. Taylor Swift will not agree to meet you in times square no matter how much you will it to happen. 
  7. Ask the subway information people to repeat the directions if you didn’t catch it all because ending up in a part of the city that you don’t know is an adventure, but also kind of terrifying.
  8. Take pictures, not just of the city and scenery but of yourself and your friends to really capture the memories.
  9. Everything is cheaper in America, except for food which is extortionate.
  10. Even if you feel like you’re dying get out of the hotel room and make the most of it.
  11. There’s literally something cool on every street.   
  12. You are a tourist, so are 50% of the people there, dont fight it, embrace it.
  13. Plan everyday there’s  so much  to see.
  14. Everything is instaworthy.
  15. Starbucks& dunkin donuts are everywhere you will leave with a caffeine and sugar addiction. 
  16. New York is a state, New York City is a city…
  17. American humour and British humour are very different.
  18. The men dressed up as children’s characters  and statues of liberty will harass you to pay for a picture, take a selfie from a distance instead.
  19. Dont go to a broadway show on the first night after being awake for 27+ hours, you will fall asleep. 
  20. Dont leave your purse at the till, the lady at the till will Give you the most embarrasing lecture of your life.
  21. February in NYC Is really cold, no I mean really cold.
  22. Do not loose your gloves is you care about your health.
  23. Be spontaneous, do things you would usually  be skeptical about because why not? 
  24. Give that homeless person a few dollars, they might waste it, they might be faking it but there’s a chance they do need help so just be a decent human being.
  25. Rubber soles+ice= a lot of embarrassment .
  26. Theres wifi in every touristy place.
  27. After 2 days of catching the subway you feel like a new yorker. 
  28. Facetiming your family from landmarks is actually is incredibly fun, you start to appreciate all the things you’re seeing so much more.

Despite it being cold and me making some bad clothing decisions it was an amazing  trip and I did a little bit of vlogging which I will link  below. Have you ever been to new york? If not list three places that  you would like to visit.



Watch:New York City Vlog


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