Lessons from April

It seems like this April has been the shortest month in existence, but as with every period of my life I’ve learnt quite a few things.

Cooked cucumber is disgusting
I tried to make myself an interesting meal over the Easter holidays which meant putting everything edible into a pan and eating it with pasta, cooked cucumber didn’t work out

Exams especially A level exams are not fun
I never thought I’d say this but right now I would honestly prefer to redo my 23 GCSE exams than my 7 AS exams. I’m less than a week away from my first one which is incredibly terrifying because my mind keeps on going blank. F U N.

Make a money log
One of my Monthly resolutions for April was to make better use of my money and though this month I’ve been a lot better I’m still not saving as much money as I would like to be so I’m going to account for every single penny I use in May via a money log on my phone.

You have more time than you think. 
The only silver lining of my pre exam panic sessions is that I’ve learnt how I can use my time better. Now I can kinda, they key word being kinda, manage my time in a way that allows me to focus on school whilst still having a reasonably happy life which is probably the best thing thats came out of this month.
How was your month? Feel like sharing? Then leave a lesson you’ve learnt good or bad in a comment section below 🙂

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