To my Ex

Dear laziness

Its time we broke up. Its been a long time coming we used to work, I’d wake up in a bad mood you’d encourage me to sit in bed all day doing nothing but I want to move on. I have a lot of dreams, passions and goals I want to pursue and I feel like you’re just holding me back. I’m sorry but we really need to go our separate ways. I’ve been using you as an excuse for all my failures recently like “hey Rufaro its been a while since you’ve written something,” oh sorry I was just hanging out with lazy and got preoccupied. “Oh Rufaro you’re videos are becoming a little bit repetitive and not as creative as you’d like them to be  “well me and lazys relationship is just going to another level its getting stronger and we’re trying to see each other more.

You’ve infiltrated every area of my life from school and life goals to the simpler thing I enjoy, like reading and writing and I cant allow it to go on any longer. We’ve taken it too far, this love is going to do nothing but hurt me and rob me of everything I ever wanted. It wasn’t all bad ,we’ve had some good times. I’m not going to say that I didn’t enjoy watching two seasons of married at first sight with you last weekend and all of those “study breaks” I spent with you during exam season really did brighten up my day but we cant keep this up, I have a life to live, and I don’t think our relationship is going to work with all of the things I’m trying to do right now.

Maybe we can meet up againin the future  for 5 minutes, when I’ve had a really long day and just want to watch some family vlogs while eating ice cream but I don’t really want to stay friends. Maybe Casual acquaintances who occasionally say hi for two minutes or favourite each others tweets, but we can’t be together any more, I’ve grown out of you, I’m ready to release you and say good bye.


love and light




3 thoughts on “To my Ex

  1. Hey! Is there any way I could get in contact with you in a more private way, say through email? I’d love to talk to you more so was just wondering… Anyway, I agree! I totally need to break up with laziness haha xx
    Natalie (

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