Why do you believe in God?

I’m a Christian and have found myself in a couple of situations where people have asked me why I am and usually my answer is along the lines of “I was raised like that” but that isn’t a real explanation. Being a Christian is more than just going to church and reading the bible so I thought that I’d share the main reasons why I believe in God.

Disclaimer: I hate that I feel like I have to put this here but just a reminder, in no way am I trying to push my beliefs onto you, you don’t need to believe the same things as I do nor agree with why I believe them. My faith is a very personal thing and I hope that you take that in mind before jumping to conclusions and making judgements yada yada.

Why I believe in God.

Beauty in the world

I find myself mesmerised by the beautiful details of the natural world. Whenever I watch a sunset or stare at a flower petal for a few seconds I become entranced in the numinous beauty. There is so much beauty in the world wherever I look and I really doubt that all of it came by chance. A creator must’ve created all of it and though there are flaws and natural evils, the beauty  in the world around me makes up for it.

Everyday miracles

One of the phrases that I got sick of hearing the most during my year 11 RE lessons was “if God was real why are there no miracles”. Everyday hundreds of miracles happen but our cynicism tells us that its all just a coincidence. Babies are born, people are healed against the odds, children are pulled out of burning buildings and earthquake rubble unharmed, we have a cycle of unique seasons that always come back around, humans form amazing bonds with each other. Miracles happen every moment.


The fact that I’m alive right now is a miracle, every waking moment is a gift. I read a lot of stories about people finding themselves in the right place at the right moment or narrowly missing death. Its Grace, I’m not alive right now because  I’m a  good person, I wasn’t born into a loving family because I deserved it. I’ve done nothing to deserve a lot of the good things that have happened in my life, its all grace. My life is a gift not a reward and I’m so grateful for that.

Infinite moments

There are moments where I feel really connected to God. It’s usually really normal moments like driving in the car with my family at night, dancing at weddings looking at flowers staring at the sky, hugs and moments of peace. Moments were I stop for a moment and realise how amazing life is even if the circumstances aren’t perfect I just feel “infinite” like the world is a magical place and I feel connected to everything and in those moments there’s no doubt in my mind that God exists.

What are your spiritual/ religious beliefs? do you believe there is a God and if now why? I feel like its important to have discussions about religion without feeling scared that you’re going to be attacked or criticised so feel free to leave a comment 🙂

love and light



4 thoughts on “Why do you believe in God?

  1. I’m not going to go into exactly WHY I don’t believe in a God, because that would be insulting your religion and there’s no way I’m doing that. But I’ll say this – I admire you for expressing your religion in the way that you do, and not forcing your beliefs on people. 🙂

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