Falling in Love with Strangers

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of songs about falling in love and more specifically falling in love with strangers. As Hozier  says every day I fall in love with someone new*. Of course it’s  highly unlikely that we actually fall into real love with people at first sight but I’ve been thinking about it lately, Why do we become so infatuated with strangers and people we’ve never met?

Cardboard people

One of the best qualities about strangers, especially those we don’t meet is that we can create our own stories for them. The fun thing about “falling  in love” with people we don’t know is that we can paint them to be the perfect companion in our minds, that boy with the luscious hair and perfectly picked outfit staring at a book in waterstones might just be picking up an item on their compulsory reading list, but in your head you create this beautiful backstory and personality for him to make him perfect in your mind. A part of me doesn’t even like going  as far as speaking to “beautiful people” in the fear that the second I speak to them and realise they are not the magical being I’ve made them out to be in my head, all of my ideas on soulmates love and magic will be shattered.

The book paper towns is a good example of this. From Quentins point of view Margo is this magical beautiful extra ordinary fairy thing so he falls for her, or at least the idea of her, but in reality she’s just a girl.

Thought it’s fun to daydream and imagine the people we meet to be everything  we’ve ever dreamed of it’s  just not practical. Putting people especially strangers (which includes  celebrities) on a pedestal usually leads to disappointment. I still believe in soulmates and the idea that when you find yours, you begin to love them instantly even if it doesn’t  feel like that ,but I need to stop romanticising each stranger I meet as the perfect person and start imagining them as complex human beings with faults annoying habits and bad taste in music (ie. anything that’s not Taylor Swift).

Love and Light



PS: a mini playlist for falling in love with strangers

Sun//Sleeping At Last

Enchanted//Taylor Swift

Sweet Disposition//The Temper Trap

Someone New//Hozier.


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