Organised room, Organised Life

1  Make sure your room is clean before you go anywhere, I have a bad habit of freaking out in the morning looking for something to wear then having to come home to a messy room when I’m tired and don’t have the motivation to sort it all out. When i was younger my mom used to always say “leave the house like you’re going to come back”, what she meant was that when you leave the house or even just go to sleep you don’t know what may happen by the time you return, you could come back a lot later than you expected to a messy room or could come back moments later looking for something which by then would be lost in the pile of junk on your floor. Make a routine of tidying up your room whenever you can, I like to do a quick tidy before i leave the house making sure that I don’t have clothes and books all over my bed and desk then try to actually clean it in the afternoon, hoovering and dusting it so I can go to sleep at peace.

2 Create a clothes storage system. So I’ve realised that the a main cause of untidiness and disorder in my room is clothes. Unlike the american vlogggers I watch on youtube i do not have a walk in wardrobe so have to make the most of my dresser and wardrobe. I think it’s important to do regular clear outs, and make sure that every piece of clothing has a home. For example I keep all of my dresses, skirts, coats and dressy shirts in my wardrobe, jumpers, t shirts and jeans in my dresser and everything else like pyjamas and hoodies in my wardrobe drawers. Just letting everything be and putting things wherever there is space is a problem because you won’t always know where to find it putting yourself back into the cycle of making a mess looking for something and never getting around to sorting it out.

3) Invest in extra storage containers. I recommend going to ikea because it is The place to buy boxes, shelves, drawer organisers, hooks and everything you could possibly need to get yourself organised. I personally love the fabric containers that they sell because they’re affordable, foldable and fit perfectly into my wardrobe for extra storage. As my mother says “organization saves time” so if you need to, try and get organised this summer before the new school year begins. Do you have any tips on getting organised both in life and with your bedroom? feel free to leave a comment and watch my video below on how to get organised for work and school Love and light Rufaro x


3 thoughts on “Organised room, Organised Life

  1. These are such great tips! Also just started watching your YouTube videos and they are amazing as well! Xx

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