Please don’t say I look “Good”

I love my family, like I genuinely love them, however if there is one thing that I hate the most about my family and friends is the amount of times they lie to me about how terrible I actually look.

Whilst looking at old facebook profile pictures (which was a bad idea in itself) I came across a bunch of truly tragic photos of myself ranging from an outfit that consisted of capris sandals and a bunny hoodie to a hairstyle reminiscent of dora pre 2009. At first I thought “maybe it looked okay at the time, everybody has embarrassing photos” but no. That was not the case after trying to rationalise it all in my head I conducted a completely scientific experiment on my friends and family. I went to school wearing jeans with a unintentional rip in them, not a word and then went out with my family wearing an outfit that could only be described as diabolical, nada. The only person who was honest with me was my little sister, she’s 10 and hasn’t yet gotten to the polite lie stage of life yet which led her to tell me everything that was wrong with my outfit and I’ve never smiled so big after receiving an insult.

That’s one thing that I love about kids that I wished adults had – complete honesty. Children are honest and don’t see the need to lie about obvious  things just ripping the band aid off whereas adults rarely tell you the truth for fear of hurting your feelings thus leaving the band aid on for years until you start to realise that it’s still there because you’re skin isn’t getting any sunlight and turning pale and sickly… maybe we extended that metaphor too far.

And it gets worse if you could see the rest of the
And it gets worse if you could see the rest of the “outfit”

But what I’m trying to say is that we should really be more honest in our relationships, yes I took something that in the grand scheme of things isn’t going to have that big of an impact on my life but a little white lie about how I’m dressed could easily turn into one about bigger decisions like a person I date or an investment I make.

I, like most people am a bit sensitive, after all who wants to be told they’re doing something wrong, but I’m also quite rational and can tell the difference between an insult and having someone’s best interests at heart. Honesty really is the best policy and I think it’s really important to tell people your honest opinions when  asked, of course its important to take a person’s feelings into account and do it the right way (which my sister definitely did not) but don’t sugar coat the facts to the point where you let somebody make big mistakes. Like with life decisions, clothes are a choice and people ultimately choose what they think is best for them but if somebody you love is about to do something stupid make sure they know that.


bunny hoodie wearing explorer.


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