When you cant sleep

I started reading a book earlier on in the day and decided at 11pm that I had to finish reading it before I could go to sleep. Now it’s 1am, I’ve finished reading the book (it was great) but now because I’m still on that post book high I can’t go to bed so what better thing to do than write a blog post on things to do when you can’t go to sleep so here are 7 Things to do when you just cant go to sleep.

 1.Make lists in your mind

Whenever I’m struggling to go to bed the night before I actually have to do something that requires me wake up I make list. the whole idea of counting sheep has always seemed stupid to me because I don’t feel like a gain anything from it but I do like to go through the alphabet and name a thing i want to watch/do or a place I want to go and come up with an explanation or description of each thing,I don’t think I’ve ever gotten past T.

  1. Get out of bed and do that thing you were supposed to do during the day

A lot of the times not having finished my to do list is the reason that I can’t sleep so rather than lying in bed thinking about all the things you’re going to have to do tomorrow, get out of bed and do all of those things that you’ve been meaning to do, in my case I plan on writing a blogpost and actually beginning to work on my personal statement.

  1. Go outside and look at the stars.

Okay right I feel like i need to put in a disclaimer here, i do not advise walking around the streets in the middle of the night because that just not safe so don’t do that. What I do mean is maybe going to sit in your garden or on a windowsill (THE INSIDE WITH THE WINDOW CLOSED) and thinking about life. I tend to overthink and overanalyze every aspect of my life at night, so maybe go and get some fresh air make yourself a cup of caffeine free herbal  tea and think for a little while.

  1. Journal

Many a problem has been solved through night journalling. I’ve moved my notebooks into my bedside table along with a few pens so that if the cause of my sleeplessness is the noise of my thoughts and feelings i can just write it all out until i feel like my mind is empty enough to let me sleep

  1. Listen to something calming

Whether that be “sounds of the rainforest” a playlist of your favourite slow song or an audiobook. Listening to things can sometimes help you to fall asleep, when we were still unborn babies we never slept in silence we could hear the sounds of our mother’s’ heart beating and the daily goings on of her life so maybe thats a reason why some of us find it difficult to sleep*.


  1. Don’t go on social media

This will either make you a) sad or b) more awake and before you know it you’ll be refreshing and scrolling until you have to wake up… not that I know that from experience or anything…

  1. Adjust your conditions

Is your room too warm? are your pyjamas uncomfortable, do you need to go to the toilet? are you thirsty? Upon writing that I’m realising that all four of those things are true to me. Make your sleeping environment as comfortable as possible and try to go back to bed like I’m about to.

love, light and goodnight**



*This is pure speculation I have no scientific evidence for this and tbh at this point I’m too tired to verify anything.

*or good morning or good day, timezones.


2 thoughts on “When you cant sleep

  1. Excellent advice- I’m gong through a bout of overthinking and worrying at the moment, which is causing insomnia. Bleurgh. Thanks for the wise words X

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