Little Victories

So my summer holidays ate coming to an end and I’ve been reviewing my summer goals and realised that although I didn’t completely achieve them all one of the things that I have managed to do is write more and become better at it.

Okay so I know what you’re thinking, Rufaro you say you’ve been writing more but have barely posted anything onto this blog in the past two months. Well basically my main problem with that Is just forgetting to actually press publish because there are so many things in my drafts that I forget to post but another reason is that I’ve been writing elsewhere too.

I want to be a writer as my career both nonfiction and fiction so this summer I really wanted to work on both of those things.

  1. I started writing a column(!!) for ZusterchapCollective about becoming a feminist and everything that has came with that called Baby Feminist
  2. I wrote a third wheel friends guide for Femsplain because it’s a thing that tends to happen a lot
  3. I gave advice at germ magazine on how to have the kind of summer that you want to read about though I didn’t really take my own advice
  4. And I started up a second blog called Fearfully faithfully Wonderful which is going to be kind of like a diary/lessons type blog which is a bit more faith based than this one
  5. In the fiction department I found myself a writing buddy who has been motivating me to write the story that I’ve been wanting to for the past year or so and though I’ve only really written one full chapter I’ve thoroughly planned in detail how the story is going to go and i’m incredibly excited to carry on.
  6. Also, I don’t really know if I can class this as writing but I’ve started to fully plan out and write scripts for my future youtube videos and am trying to move away from list and videos to talking about social issues, making baking and fashion videos as well as more vloggy videography videos which is exciting.

I think it’s important to give yourself a pat on the back sometimes and celebrate the little achievements as little as they are so my challenge for anyone reading this is to kind of review the past two months of your life and congratulate yourself for all the little things and plan for the next two as I will be once I’ve finished writing this.

Love and light



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