The meaning of life (according to Rufaro)

It’s the age old question we’ve all try to answer it both philosophers and small children, what is the meaning of life? I’ve just left an existential crisis that made me think a lot more about life, death, love, beauty and the reason behind it all. And guess what lucky reader? I am going to answer that very question (pure opinion) in three easy points because everything on my blog and in my life must be organised into list form.

The meaning of life (according to Rufaro)

Be the best version of you this probably sounds like a support group mantra but it’s generally a good way to live your life. We tend to compare our lives to those of others using them as a measuring stick but it shouldn’t be that way. Rather than trying to live up to the standards of other people’s success we should make our own.

I like to do this thing where O identify a few key areas in my life that I want to improve for example compassion, friendship and productivity. At the start and end of each day I plan how I will and evaluate how I have improved on these each day. The one thing that you can be the best at is being you so I think that we should aim to be the best the best version of ourselves with each new day.

Fulfil your purpose/ chase your dream I genuinely believe we all have a purpose in this life. Even when I was younger I knew what my “calling” was but I ignored it in search of a big and glamorous passion. What I didn’t know at the time is that those two things can be separate. I believe that we’re all born with a divine purpose, something the world needs us to do whether that be finding a cure to cancer or doing someone that small favour that will change their lives. I also know that everybody has a dream *cue tangled song* we all have something that we want to achieve deep in our hearts and I feel like life gives you a series of tests to see just how hard you’re willing to work to achieve that dream. It’s easy to allow other people’s opinions on what’s “realistic” to determine your life but it’s more worthwhile to stick to your instincts follow your heart and pursue that dream.

Leave the world and the people you meet a little bit better than they were there’s this quote I love:’There will come a time,when all of us are dead. All of us. There will come a time when there are no human beings remaining to remember that anyone ever existed or that our species ever did anything. There will be no one left to remember Aristotle or Cleopatra, let alone you. Everything that we did and built and wrote and thought and discovered will be forgotten.’

That wasn’t meant to push you into an “everything is pointless” mood but to put things into perspective. We will not be remembered forever but we can make a positive impact on the things we leave behind. Stand up for the things you care about, be kinder than you need to be, forgive even when it hurts, turn the other cheek, show the world that humanity isn’t  totally awful. Every moment is a chance to make the world a slightly better place.

What do you think the meaning of life is? Or do you believe there isn’t one at all? remember kids *English teacher voice* there is no wrong or right answer

love and light




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