Growing Pains:Parents are people 

I realised my parents are people when I was 15. When you’re younger you tend to put adults on a pedestal thinking that because they’re older they should have their lives together and always make the best decisions which I did.

A few years ago I was talking to my parents about an *injustice that happened when I was younger,complaining and getting a little bit worked up expecting an argument, but instead they just replied with “sorry we were new to the whole parenting thing and made mistakes”…Firstly being told I was right for once was a shock but in that moment something clicked.
Perfect parents aren’t made in factories nor do they have 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are people like you and I who are just trying to do their best and make as few mistakes as possible but, inevitably they do make some mistakes.
I learnt that maybe sometimes I need to cut my parents some slack and understand that they too are complex human beings who have lapses in judgement, insecurities and problems I may never know. Of course that isn’t an excuse for parents who are genuinely bad people, but instead a reminder that we didn’t come out of the womb holding a guidebook titled “How To Be The Perfect Parent And Not Ruin Your Kids.” So maybe try talking to your parents about some of the problems you may have had with them, communication is important in any relationship and you might uncover the reasons behind decisions they’ve made and learn that your parents too are people.
Love and light
* I tend to exaggerate when I’m angry.

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