A moment of : Early Autumn

Friday was one of those perfect normal days. On my way home from school I decided to get off the bus early and just take pictures of the tree’s and leaves, I find the first few weeks of autumn to be one of the most beautiful times of the year, the leaves are so bright, the sky is cloudless and it’s that perfect weather where it’s just chilly enough to put on a light jumper but not yet so cold that you can’t leave the house without a coat.

The 60 year old woman that is trapped in 17 year old me decided it was a perfect time to pick some autumn leaves, preserve them with PVA glue and get them ready for scrapbooking. I’d tried drying and pressing leaves in the past and they would just crumble or lose their colour but this batch was a success which made me a lot happier than it should have and now I have a bunch of leaves that I can use to decorate my room too.

PicMonkey Collage

Saturday started with the intention to write an essay for school and though I did sit down and get all of my things together,my plans quickly changed which meant that I was eating a bowl of cinnamon porridge (which I hardly ever have) and making myself a hot drink to go.

It tasted a lot nicer than it looked
It tasted a lot nicer than it looked

I made the mistake of agreeing to help my mom paint for the day , it wasn’t a mistake because it took a long time (which it did) or because I got incredibly messy (which I did). No the problem was that I now hate every single shade of cream after staring at it for hours.

The hot blackcurrant drink and Snap Judgement episodes I listened to whilst working gave me the energy to paint and garden for 7 hours, but as soon as I got home I realised that maybe pairing blue jeans and a whole lot of paint wasn’t the brightest of ideas (RIP blue jeans).

You were a lovely pair of jeans...
You were a lovely pair of jeans…

At that point my muscles were aching as they  continued to do for the rest of the weekend, so I decided to have a long hot bath. Because it was quite impromptu, I didn’t have any nice bath bombs or bath liquid to make an event of it, so I just settled for the regular bubble bath that was already in the house and a book that I’d began the night before.

In love with the cover
Is it normal to be this deeply in love with a book cover?

When planning my weekend the night before I’d scheduled time to bake and to paint, but by the time I was done with my bath all I wanted to do was eat and lounge in bed, however all of the ingredients to bake white chocolate chip cookies were in the kitchen, so my sister and I decided to bake. At that point my stomach was already full from dinner and all the cookie dough fruit I’d ate while baking, but because I’m me and find it impossible to say no to warm cookies I ate them anyway.

*Elsa and Ana voices* chocolate...
*Elsa and Ana voices* chocolate…

After doing nothing for a few hours I finally succumbed to my body’s calls for rest and went to bed knowing I’d had a productive day. I did more physical activity than I usually do in a week and despite the pain that came afterwards, the feeling of satisfaction that I got from completing a task that I wouldn’t usually do was worth it.

Love and Light




2 thoughts on “A moment of : Early Autumn

    1. It really was it was from a packet so I didn’t think it would taste as nice as it did, it was a pleasant surprise 🙂

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