Gratitude& Thanksgiving

I’ve always liked the idea of thanksgiving but I live in England so it isn’t really a thing that I’ve ever celebrated however, I do believe that it’s important to regularly check in and think about what you’re thankful for so, I thought that I’d tell you a few of the things that I’m grateful for right now.

The internet okay I know what you’re thinking, how typical of a teenage girl to put the internet as the thing they’re most grateful for but honestly, I’m so glad that I grew up in this digital generation despite the problems that it has. The internet has given me a way to express myself; through my blog and youtube channel I’ve been able to talk to so many people who I would’ve never known and have gained confidence in both myself and the things that I do which I’m incredibly grateful for.

My family, my parents and siblings are without a doubt my four favourite people. I’m so happy  that I’m surrounded by people who love and want the best for me (even though sometimes that doesn’t correspond with what I think is best)and grateful that I actually like my family because I know that not all people have that kind of relationship with their actual relatives.

My environment, I’m coming to learn that there is no such thing as a safe place, the world is very corrupt and people do evil things and by no means is the place I live perfect, in fact it’s very far from it but I am incredibly thankful that I’ve been allowed to grow up relatively innocent. I do have access to a free education, I haven’t had to deal with natural disasters nor have I been forced to grow up with war and unrest around me. I’ve became more aware of the extent to which people all around the world have to suffer in the past couple of years, making me so much more grateful for the life I’ve been blessed with through no action of my own. I could’ve been born into a different family somewhere else in the world so I’m really thankful for the blessing that is my relatively easy life which I never want to take for granted again.


I hope you have a lovely week that’s filled with joy and reasons to be thankful, remember to look for the beauty in every moment and try your hardest to show love to each person you meet,

Love and Light




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