Work Experience or how not to live your life?

At the school I got to and many others in the country “work experience” is compulsory. for people who didn’t have to go through this ordeal, work experience is basically when you do an unpaid placement type thing at to put on your CV when you’re in secondary school or sixth from. From the outside it seems like a good idea after all experience is a good thing but in reality when you’re under 18 most places don’t want to have to plan a week’s worth of a activities and do health and safety checks for a teenager who doesn’t really want to be there. So at the end of the last academic year after months of applying and missing numerous deadlines I finally secured a placement and here is what I learned.

I cannot do a job I hate 9-5 If i’m being honest that week was probably the dullest one of my life. I spent the majority of it doing admin work but to be honest the actual real life jobs that people were doing there didn’t seem any more appealing.

Don’t settle for the sake of stability. I spoke to a couple of people who were on the main staff about why they choose to do said job and for the majority it was either just because it paid well or that they’d spent way too much time at university not to go through with it.

Don’t put off following your dreams, go and do it now because it will never be “the right time”, Once you get comfortable in a less than perfect situation that gives you financial security, it’s more difficult to leave and really follow your dreams especially when you have responsibilities like a family to look after and a mortgage to pay.

Positivity will protect you from anything.  For part of the week I was working with a guy who had in my opinion one of the most boring jobs possible and though he didn’t love his job he radiated positivity which made the whole ordeal of working in a small office for 8 hours a lot more bearable.

Never leave the house without reading material and at least two hours worth of podcasts, I’ve never been happier with my decision making.

If you really don’t know what to do just ask, breaking the photocopier on your second day because you were too proud to ask for help is just stupid…not that I would know or anything…

️Start conversations with new people as intimidating as it may seem having a really good conversation with a relative stranger reminds you that everyone has a story to tell.

Smile, do things just for the sake of it without wanting reward or acknowledgement people will appreciate it and doing nice things for people ends up making you happier anyway.

Eating lunch with yourself is a lot more peaceful than you’d think, I went to a nearby park for lunch by myself everyday of that week, put on my earphones and just had a really nice relaxing time.

Have you had to go through the ordeal that is work experience? or have you had a really boring summer job that showed you what you don’t want to do for the rest of your life?

I hope your week is more exciting than that one was,

love and light,




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