Whenever I make something that’s remotely advice like I’m talking to myself. I make YouTube videos and thought I like to be creative and push myself most of the times what i want to do is sit in front of the camera and tell my younger self all the things I wish I’d known earlier. So today I’m trying something different, today I want to talk about a thing that I’m still trying to learn, a thing that one day Rufaro will probably need to hear.

In the last few weeks the same message has been coming to me from every part of my life- learn to be content in every situation. I have this quote on my wall that I love “when life is sweet say thank you and celebrate and when life is bitter say thank you and grow”. In the past few months not everything has been 100%, it hasn’t been terrible or anything but i’ve kept on having the ‘if this area of my life was better things would be perfect’ feeling but what I’m coming to realise is that often times as soon as one part of my life is fulfilled another part becomes empty. I’ve had perfect moments in my life but they’ve been fleeting and once that momentary perfection is gone I’ve realised that another thing needs work, there is still something else on my to do list. There’s still an extra thing I could have to make things better. Life is life.

I’m an optimist but I’ve found the sense to realize things will never be 100%. I study philosophy at school and i found myself fascinated by Thomas Aquinas’ study of beatitudo and felicitas. In a nutshell he believed that on earth our happiness will never be complete but we can reach an imperfect kind of happiness felicitas, we will always have some sort of yearning for something more that perfect happiness beatitudo that we can never achieve on earth.

I’m learning to be content in all situations when I have all I want and when I don’t, when everything’s going smoothly and when it feels like it’s falling apart. I’m trying to get to the point where my happiness and well being is no longer dictated by anything of this world. To find my joy in things, people, weather and circumstance is to set myself up for disappointment, people will fail me, things will not always go according to plan, there are not a lot of things that I am in control of but from now I want to find that inner sense of wellbeing through Christ alone

I hope you know you are unconditionally loved and worthy of the best things in life and that I’m wishing you a life filled with love and light.

Until next time,




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