Momentary Infatuation

I’ve never been in love, but dear friend’s, there is no doubt that I’ve fallen. Usually against my better judgement, usually for strangers I’ll never meet again or silly boys that I know aren’t worth my time, usually just in my head. It’s amazing what the human heart is capable of feeling for a relationship that only exists in your mind.

The boy I made electric eye contact with one day over a desk at the library, a guy I saw for the the first time at a party I’d been reluctant to go to, a dangerously good looking actor in a movie that left me staring at the end credits wanting to simultaneously laugh and cry.

Once I allow myself to walk down the slope of momentary infatuation everything in the world feels right; the sun suddenly comes out of the clouds, the colours of the brick walls and seemingly lifeless trees become brighter. It’s as if God himself has captured the moment, increased the brightness, turned the saturation up a notch and breathed a layer of sepia. The moment  is no longer just me thinking ‘hey this guy is kinda good looking I wonder if his mind is as bright as his smile’, no no no, it’s the first moment of forever. This boy’s smile is drawing me in, his eyes make me want to go dancing, we could get married, my parents would love him, there would  be an array of multicolored tulips in our front garden, we would go on spontaneous adventures around the world and give our children names from our favourite books, he could be the one, I truly think he is the one and then, they speak and ruin everything.

Stay away from pretty boys who are in fact arrogant ignorant pieces of the not so good stuff.

Love and light,




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