Firsts and Lasts: Plane Ride

I feel like for someone of my age I’m quite behind on a lot of firsts, well not actually behind that would be implying that you have to do certain things before certain ages which is a terrible idea because people experience things in different ways at different times. What I mean is that there are quite a few things that I haven’t done yet so instead of doing the normal “My First Time” tag I’m going to share with you some of my first and lasts in a new blog series I’m calling…firsts and last, creative I know.

When things fall apart, the children of the land scurry and scatter like birds escaping a burning sky.’-We Need New Names

The first time I got onto a plane was when my family and I moved from Zimbabwe to England. Though I was probably too young to actually recall that much about the trip, what I do remember is walking up and down the aisles to play with another little girl and her barbies and eating some truly disgusting aeroplane food. A part of me wishes that family vlogging had been a thing back then because I really wish that I had the memories of that first journey. My parents made a lot of emotional and personal sacrifices for the move that went from being just a few years living abroad to “okay I don’t think we will ever permanently move back”. Because we moved when I was still just a toddler, in my mind England is home, it’s the place where I was raised and the culture I identify the most with, but I know my parents will always feel a little bit homesick. I do love Zimbabwe, don’t get me wrong. Every time I visit I have a good time and do really miss the extended family who still live there, but that first plane flight was probably the most important thing that ever happened to me. I have no idea what my family or life would be like if we had stayed living there, but I’m almost certain that the life I’m living right now is marginally better and for that I’m incredibly grateful that my parents took that chance.

The last time I went on a plane was a first in many ways, it was my first big holiday without my parents, my first time out of Europe and actually the first plane journey that wasn’t a trip to Zimbabwe. I went to New York with my school and friends back in February and loved it. For once the plane food was good, I stayed awake for the whole journey there and I managed not to forget anything in the packing process which is another first. 

I enjoy planes and travelling long distances in them but despite the fact that I have technically flown to many countries eg. Dubai, Holland, France and Zambia by virtue of connecting flights, there are still  many  places that I want to visit in the next few years and holidays that are slowly entering the planning process. I’ve found that once I get over the initial “I’m in a big metal contraption thousands of feet from the ground” feeling I like to fly, it’s not the most sustainable thing nor is it super affordable but I hope to see many a plane journey in my future.

Love and Light




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