123:Female Hosted Podcasts

Invisibilia invisibiliapodcast_icon_hotpink-01_sq-2359778531d9733109e3674a5cecf5a711aa511f-s300-c85is a new favourite podcast of mine. I’ve always enjoyed podcasts about humans and sciencey things like RadioLab but in Invisibilia I’ve found the kind of stories that I love to hear most, the podcast is about the invisible things eg. thoughts, categories and personality that effect our everyday lives. It usually follows about 3 or four different stories mixing human experience with psychology and science to really create an hour long experience.
Favourite Part: Dance Party
An Episode I Loved: Entanglement


Another Round avatars-000177536571-kr95uh-t500x500is my go to podcast when I’m feeling a bit down and have things I need to do, it’s a Buzzfeed podcast hosted by two incredibly entertaining ladies whose friendship and chemistry makes every episode a joyful experience. They’ve interviewed everyone from Hilary Clinton to Lin Manuel Miranda  and the little segments they do are always insightful, entertaining or just downright ridiculous, in the best way.
Favourite Part: Stacey’s Career Corner
An Episode I loved:  Episode 48: Revolutions Are Hard, Eyeliner Is Hard (with Maryam Al-Khawaja)


Stuff Mom Never Told Youog_image at first I was a bit hesitant to subscribe to this podcast, I initially thought it would be a just a show that talked about the same things that most female orientated podcasts focus on but I was wrong. The podcast covers everything, well not everything, but so many of the things that go through my mind without ever being addressed, women in politics, the conventions of romantic comedies, disability and even adult colouring books, this is definitely a must listen.
An Episode I loved: Romantic Comedy Sidekicks


Ladies Who Lunch downloadas soon as I heard that one of my favourite people on YouTube-Ingrid Nilsen-was starting a podcast with Cat Valdes I was down. I love ladies who lunch, both the saying and the show in which they talk about issues and topics often left out of everyday polite conversation including female friendships, jealousy and the conflict between independence and validation. I’m realising now that many of my favourite shows are those where I Just here people talking about things I care about in a open space without interruption and this podcast ins a perfect example.
Favourite Part: Snack time
An Episode I loved: Friendship Or Friendless


The Intern ef5237bd-f209-488c-932c-ff5ed25fe976This is the kind of podcasts I had been wishing for without even realising. I love hearing about the process, about people pursuing their passions and working in new environments. As a person about to go into university and the creative industry I found this podcast, written and produced by a New York intern, so interesting. Alison has been hired as an intern to make a podcast about exactly that, being an intern at a tech startup in New York and everything that comes with that from wage negotiations to moving to a new place and trying to make friends, I love it and cannot wait until the next episode
Favourite Part: When her roommates make an appearance
An episode I Loved: Start from number one ‘A Great Success or A Great Failure’


One thought on “123:Female Hosted Podcasts

  1. I love the sound of ‘stuff your mom never told you’. I love ‘the guilty feminist’ for a female hosted podcast, its really funny but also has really good messages-i’d really recommend it 🙂

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