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A small collection of writing I’ve had published elsewhere. 

Not a Stereotypeimage-title2

“…She’s strong: She doesn’t allow the opinions of anybody else to get in her way, and she lives with a sense of conviction and purpose that her peers can only admire. She’s independent. You can find her in a beautiful bathtub drinking wine, not relying on the approval or presence of anybody else to thrive. She doesn’t need no man, but she could get any man and anything she wanted if she tried. She is the pinnacle, the seemingly positive portrayal of black women. She’s fierce, she’s strong, she’s independent, she’s not real. Or, at least, I’ve never met her.” Read More

Introverts at Univeristy?

theguardianlogo“If there’s one thing I’ve become certain of in the past few months, it’s my ability to accurately predict what I will and will not enjoy socially. I love the idea of parties, but I can find them stressful. The fear of missing out is strong at university. There’s often pressure to be seen at scheduled fresher’s week events, for example. They’re often good fun, but they don’t always feel like the most natural way to get to know people. As fashion student Rhyanna Mae says: “Friendships at university can feel forced sometimes.” So I ask myself this question before leaving the house: is this a decision I’m making based on FOMO or genuine interest? The answer speaks for itself.” Read More

The Third Wheels Guide to Friendship

1-dewdn_pnhdtskr7anxekwq“…Usually, I kind of get myself into these situations. It starts when, out of the goodness of my heart, I introduce two of my friends to each other. Then, they magically click, get super close and become best friends — leaving me to trail behind them wanting to wear a sign that says “LOVE ME.” I’m sitting alone in the backseat, walking behind them because the sidewalk was made for two and constantly feeling a little paranoid with a voice in the back of my mind whispering, Maybe they don’t really like you at all, you’re the third wheel, unnecessary and a bit annoying. In the past my first instinct would’ve been to lie in bed, declare myself friendless and start building up a little bit of resentment towards my friends and the me who introduced them to each other, but recently I came to the realisation that it doesn’t have to be like that. The situation was never as hopeless as I made it out to be in my late night journal entries.” Read More

The Great YA Summer

zodlmuba“Comparison is the thief of joy, but no matter how hard I try, I still find myself doing it. But now,  instead of real people, I’ve started comparing my life with those of fictional characters in books — ridiculous, I know. Summer has arrived, which means that I’ve been doing a lot more reading than I would during the school year. This is great, but there’s a lot of irony in sitting on my bed when it’s sunny outside as I long for the unforgettable summer I’m reading about. I’ve realized that, as much as I love reading, living vicariously through fictional characters is not going to ensure that I have a good summer…” Read More